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La coda dello scorpione ()

La coda dello scorpione ()
La coda dello scorpione () La coda dello scorpione () 7 / 10 by 14 users
Title:The Case of the Scorpion's Tail
Original Title:La coda dello scorpione
Release: 1971-08-16
Country: Spain, Italy
Language: Italiano
Runtime: 90 min.
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

 Production Company:Copercines, Cooperativa Cinematográfica, Devon Film
 Plot Keyword:male nudity, poison, corruption, sexual obsession, sex, adultery, hotel, killing, detective, hotel room, jealousy, secret, desperation, sun glasses, boat, mass murder, blindness and impaired vision, homicide, camera, blackmail, restaurant, island, television, menace, paranoia, nudity, mask, hat, trauma, wound, window, spanner, passion, suffering, seduction, door, suspicion, bedroom, bed, underwear, night, light, darkness, auto, airplane, support, rage and hate, revelation, sadism, eye, knife, attempt to escape, investigation, inspector, photography, friendship, telephone, police, insanity, alone, chair, stadt, fondling, bikini, blood splatter, dying man, perversion, murder, suspense, dress, rampage, psychopathic killer, slaughter, serial killer, blood, cowardliness, violence, police officer, killer, witness to murder, millionaire, road movie, denunciation
 Alternative Titles:
  • Der Schwanz des Skorpions
  • La cola del escorpión
  • The Scorpion Code


Peter Lynch

Characters : Peter Lynch

Actor : George Hilton

Cléo Dupont

Characters : Cléo Dupont

Actor : Anita Strindberg

John Stanley

Characters : John Stanley

Actor : Alberto de Mendoza

Lisa Baumer

Characters : Lisa Baumer

Actor : Ida Galli

Lara Florakis

Characters : Lara Florakis

Actor : Janine Reynaud

Inspector Stavros

Characters : Inspector Stavros

Actor : Luigi Pistilli

Mr. Brenton

Characters : Mr. Brenton

Actor : Tom Felleghy


Characters : Sharif

Actor : Luis Barboo


Characters : Stewardess

Actor : Lisa Leonardi

George Barnett

Characters : George Barnett

Actor : Tomás Picó

Kurt Baumer

Characters : Kurt Baumer

Actor : Fulvio Mingozzi

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